November 8, 2018
in New Born
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Our vision for newborn photography is to capture the first moments of life using delicate
techniques and strategies that would familiarize the world with the art of photography.
Mahsa Malek’s belief is rooted in the idea that there is nothing more beautiful and exhilarating
than to seize minutes, where it gives you a chance to relive those precious moments using an
image long after they are gone.
Simple and calming colors will be used to photograph the newborn. We recommend considering
a photo shoot when the newborn is between 6 to 16 days old for this is a time when they are
most flexible for a variety of poses.
Our studio uses natural materials for props and accessories are gentle to your baby skin.most of
the hand knit soft props and wraps are made of %100 organic cotton. Everything is washed
after one session with detergent that are free of harsh chemical.

November 8, 2018