Mahsa Malek

With Resilience and perseverance, Mahsa Malek embarked upon a journey to fulfill her lifelong passion in advertisement and people photography, giving rise to her company Comma photography in 2014.

Converging her academic background in photography, extensive experience in the field in three different countries, as well as her intrinsic creativity and natural tendency to create phenomenal work has evolved to target the stages of pregnancy which aims to bring unique stories to its clientele.

As a professional in the field, every change in the body brings with it a revolution that only a woman can fully grasp its significance. A time characterized by the dichotomy of self-image, when indescribable joy takes over waiting for new beginnings, it can often undermine the beauty inherent in the stages of maternity and the changes the body goes through. Comma photography aims to shine a light on the beauty and elegance involved in pregnancy using specific techniques of light and fashion photography creating a memorable image that speaks a thousand words.